Absolute Clean Carpet Cleaning
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1. Cleaning Only Exposed Carpet
Operating with one man crews severely limits us to moving only small pieces of furniture.  However, the savings more than make up for this. Many of our customers move their own furniture to expose all the carpet. In this way, they get all their carpet cleaned while still taking advantage of the savings we offer.
2. One Man Crews
With Absolute Clean, we don't waste our time and your money to send two technicians to clean your carpet, it is not necessary and a waste of resources.
3. Truck Mounted Equipment
We ONLY use our truck mounted equipment to clean your carpets, they are run by powerful 18 horsepower gasoline engines.  Even the best commercial electric portable units cannot come close to our 18 horsepower gasoline engines in terms of power, speed, and efficiency.
4. Scheduling
To take advantage of this low price, we must schedule your home for cleaning when we are in your area. By operating in this manner, we spend our time doing what we do best, cleaning carpets, not driving across the city between jobs wasting time and money.